​​International Course of Arthroscopic Techinques with cadaveric workshop in Ljubljana is a traditional event which takes place in april each year. In 2018 it was held for 15th time. It became one of the most important educational meetings in central and easteren part of Europe for the field of arthroscopy. It attracts participants from many countries from Europe and beyond. Participants come to learn knee and shoulder arthroscopy on cadaveric workshop. Education is on very high level. Two attendees work together on one cadaveric station with personal instructor. Members of the faculty are experienced surgeons with a professional and scientific reputation. These are the reasons why the course is usually overbooked.

You are invited to next Arthroscopic Course in April 2020.


                                                                                Ladislav Kovačič, course president

Faculty selected quotes

During my professional life, I had many opportunities to participate in different types of curriculum frameworks for arthroscopic techniques. The Ljubljana course is unique! At this course you will find excellent instructors that use their skills to teach and to enrich the next generation of arthroscopic surgeons. There is no 'distance' between the instructor and the apprentice. There are no 'stupid questions'.  Any step of surgical technique can be discussed, demonstrated, trained and retrained. The leading idea is: in order to be an expert you must continually deepen your mastery of the basics. (E. Adar, Israel)

About our course

The course was held in our medical faculty in Ljubljana in lecture theaters; hence all the lectures were presented in good quality. Lecturers have all without exception done an outstanding job on their presentation, not surprisingly, given that they were acknowledged surgeons on their field of work. Although the lectures were great, the best part of the course were cadaver workshops; we were given precise instructions about arthroscopic techniques and basic maneuvers, and later on we could also try more complex arthroscopic surgeries. Kindly, besides instructing and guiding, our teachers also gave us a fair share of 'free hand' and were very compliable with our needs and requests. I have learned a lot and I will be determinately using this gained knowledge in every day practice. All in all, this course was one of the best I have ever attended and I hope it will be held annually in our city for generations to come. (M. Ambrozic, Slovenija)

Either it is your first time joining the course or you are returning to the meeting, it is an exceptional experience! From great lectures from renowned arthroscopic surgeons to the real thing - doing arthroscopic surgery yourself under the guidance of the senior surgeon. Besides all that, there is making new connections and meeting friends. (M. Ciglic, Slovenija)

The course offered everything you need to get in touch with basics of arthroscopy. I had the  opportunity to calmly explore joints, learn the operating techniques and some tricks, without fear to harm the "patient". It is useful to find out how to handle with structures and how firm or fragile they are. Everything we have done, was under the supervision of an expert. All of them were also very good teachers. The best practical course I attended. Thank you. (B. Stabuc, Slovenija)